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About us

We are a brand new boutique sports studio in the heart of Cologne. Our mission is to create an inspiring place where we can have fun together, leave everyday life behind and let off some stress - true to the motto: Let the good times roll!

About us and
our philosophy

Let's get fit together.

Our Indoor Cycling Classes are loud, fast and set to the beat of the music. Our coaches push you to go beyond your limits in a dark club atmosphere - physically and mentally.

Our Body & Soul Room stands for balance. Yoga classes help you to strengthen your muscles mind and find your inner balance - which doesn't mean you won't sweat here too.

How to set up
your bike

1. Saddle height

The saddle should be at hip height. For a detailed check sit on the bike and place your heel on the pedal (pedal at the lowest point). Your leg should now be extended without your hip tilting to the side.

2. Saddle position

Sit on the bike and bring both pedals to a horizontal position at the same height. The saddle position is best when kneecap, ball of the foot and pedal axle are in line with each other.

3. Handlebar height

The handlebars should be at the same height as the saddle. If you have back problems, set the saddle a little higher to relax your back.

4. Handlebar position

Between the tip of your saddle and the handlebars should be a forearm's length (fingertip to elbow).

5. Practice makes perfect

The more you sit on the bike, the more you will get a better feeling for your ideal bike setting.
Of course, you can always ask our staff for help too.

Do you have
any questions?

Just send us an E-Mail or visit us:

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 17-21
Entrance Corner Goebenstr.
50672 Köln
+49 (0) 221 20195744